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Thursday 22 November 2012

November 23, 2012

Today is Thursday the twentieth second of November 2012, which means that I need to go to military today, which also means that I have to wake up super-duper early to get myself ready. So I woke up extremely early at 5.30 am. I woke up brush my teeth, wash my face, have breakfast, and get myself ready.

Today was our first test day for all grades of the military students. Our grade is grade 11 which are the second year, so we have to do turning left, right, falling in line, walking, and gun movement for the test. But before we could do the test we need to cut our hair first or else they will not allow us to. So when I reached the place, me, Zephyr, Muemue, and Ken, went straight to the barber to get our hair cut. Then after that we lined up to sing our national anthem and then we start our test.

The first test we did was turning left, right, and attention moves. It was very easy for everyone and everyone passed it. The second test was the gun movement, which is quite hard in the start because all of us have forgotten the moves. But luckily, the teacher was kind enough to review to us before the actual test start. He review to us for about 5 minute and all us get it already and it’s become very easy for all. Then in the third test it was about falling in line and stuff. This test was really hard for me and for most people too, I think. I did not know what to do at all when they command us, I just followed what the other do and most of the other didn’t know what they need to do to. And luckily again, the teacher was kind enough and let all of us passed. In the last test is about walking. This was even worse than the one before because all of us have no idea what to do. The walking was a messed up but we did passed again and I was really happy that the test have passed and we are about to finish the second year of military. The only test left was the written test that will start next week and we are done.

At about 11pm we are dismissed, so I went home immediately because I was really tired from today military. When I went home I have my lunch and played some computer, watched some tv and about few minutes later I took a nap for about 3 hours.

In the evening I went to have dinner with my family at Seacon Square. We ate MK Suki , it was good and I really like it. After we finished our dinner we went home. I went home watched some tv, played some computer, have some snack and then at night at about 10.30 pm. I sleep to prepare myself for the next school day.


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